Life Lessons from Baby Blue

The sun lit up the sky as I opened the sliding glass door, feeling the warm breeze flowing gently around me. Sitting on the deck, I propped my legs up on a stool, closed my eyes and allowed the warmth to penetrate my skin.  After a few moments, I opened my eyes to gaze at the lush green trees that surrounded me by the lake. The hedge off the porch had recently been trimmed by the landscapers, offering a more expansive view of nature’s beauty around me.

29SJ0ey3NaJK9nr6As I glanced to my right, I noticed a bird nest at eye level that was now exposed following the landscaping. Inside was a defenseless baby blue jay and she was looking at me with wide open eyes. I could feel her fear as she watched and waited for my next move. She tried to move around with little progress as she was still young and had not gained much mobility.

Not wanting to frighten her more, I gently turned to face her. I extended my hands and offered her Reiki and awaited her response. Moments later I could feel the energy flow between my hands and my new feathered friend.  She continued to watch me as her body noticeably relaxed.  A few minutes later she stretched her head out and closed her eyes, settling into sleep.3days1

I was filled with appreciation for this moment and the deep connection with nature, via the up close and personal encounter with Baby Blue (the name I had affectionately decided to call my new friend.) Moments later, a hummingbird came to the feeder that was just above my head. I sat very still in order to capture some pictures as this bird appeared to be posing for me. It appeared to have no worry or concern that I was in its personal space. I saw a movement to my left and at the end of the porch, and a bunny appeared. He hopped into close view, pausing, watching me while eating a few bites of clover. Then he continued on his way.

After I snapped a few photos, I closed my eyes again to feel the sunshine on my face and allowed my mind to quiet. I heard a hummingbird fly very close to my ear. When I opened my eyes, the bird I had been photographing was hovering inches in front of my face at eye level, looking at me.  This was the first time I had viewed one up close. She appeared to just hover, allowing me to view the full spectrum of magnificent colors that adorned her feathers. She then proceeded to do a dance around me, pausing every couple of feet. I was surprised how long she chose to interact with me before flying off to find her next adventure.

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I sat watching Baby Blue sleep, feeling a sense of wonder about the amazing animals I was blessed enough to share my space with.

June 2, 2014: Update on Baby Blue

I arrive to check on Baby Blue and was surprised to see how much she had changed. Her feathers had darkened and she displayed some brilliant blue hues. She was alert and did not hold the same fearful look in her eyes that I remembered.  It appeared she was now more curious instead. I sat down and talked to her, offering her some Reiki, which she gladly accepted. She then dozed off to sleep.

When I checked on her a few hours later, I noticed she appeared to have grown out of her nest as it was tipped over on its side. She had built and addition to the nest on the backside and she was standing up on the side of it.  I knew our time together would be brief and she would soon be ready to leave her makeshift nest. Baby Blue ended up flying away sometime later that day to begin her next adventure.  I have to admit, I do look for her when I gaze out the large windows overlooking the small field next to the lake.

The animals I encounter always teach me valuable lessons.  Baby Blue taught me how to find meaning and joy while participating in activities that might seem mundane or uninspiring. The day I discovered her, it reaffirmed how easy it is to make a difference in someone’s life, no matter where we are.  It also taught me to look for everyday miracles and gifts from Source, as they are all around us. I am happy I was able to be of service and help Baby Blue calm her fears on that landscaping day. I also believe the compassion and kindness I showed to her is what allowed the memorable hummingbird experience to occur in my life moments later. Was it a direct chain reaction that occurred from extending my heart energy outward?  My reward for attempting to help a scared baby bird? An example of how our actions affect those around us? I will let you decide.