A Day As An Empath

April 5, 2016

I woke this morning feeling sluggish and slowed down, even though I slept soundly and woke naturally.  Whenever I am not feeling quite myself, I take a few minutes to go within.  I turn to that stillness inside my being and ask myself, “Is this mine?”

Today, the answer was a definite “no.”  13876212_10154425619997502_8380079741015838847_nMy fiancé has some health challenges that will encourage her to spend full days in bed and she is still learning to accept this as her current reality.

Within the first hour of waking up today, the reason for my tiredness became evident.  She is having one of her down days and is remaining in bed with a physical flare up.

“Feeling” her allowed me to reach for our essential oils and choose the ones to help her bring the pain down to where she was at least able to rest comfortably.  10325158_10206746621654999_6662046838123161863_nI am grateful for this gift because when she is struggling, she is unable to even verbalize what it is that she needs to help her get some relief.

Luckily, today I haven’t absorbed the pain portion of what she goes through…just the fatigue.  Usually, I get the joy of experiencing her pain when she is trying to do something that well…she probably shouldn’t be trying to do.

Out of the blue, I will mention that an area of my body has just started hurting a lot.  She will sheepishly look at me and say, “I’m sorry.”  We both consider it a sign from the Universe that she needs to stop and rest when I feel a painful change in my body that I have determined is not my own.

We have learned from experience that if she does not heed my warning at that point, we both end up in a lot more pain and that is no fun for anyone.  29SJ0ey3NaJK9nr6That even sends our little healer pups into working overtime since they think they have to take care of both of us when that happens! Good thing we have 5 dogs to share the love!

I now feel very fortunate that I am given those warning signs to help her slow down and not exhaust all of her reserves.  In my eyes, this is one of the blessings of being an Empath.  It allows me to help others in deeper and more meaningful ways. By actually feeling what others do, both physically and emotionally, it allows me to be more in tune with those around me.

It also helps me avoid places and situations that are not healthy for me, because I feel that energy. This of course means that protecting me on a daily basis is a must!  One of the ways I do this is by working closely with Archangel Michael to strengthen my energy field and help me clear away that which is not mine and lower vibrating energies.

I also surround myself with protective crystals as part of my daily life.  I never leave the house without my hematite bracelet and I have hematite and black tourmaline spread throughout my home (along with other crystals.)

It took me many years to begin differentiating between my own feelings and those that I absorb from others.  This was a huge lesson for me as I was coming into my own comfort zone with the idea of embracing that I was an Empath.

One of the traits of an Empath is that we feel things deeply and unconsciously take on the emotions or pain of others.  I am only just recently learning to accept this as a blessing, when for so long I felt it was a curse.

Why did I feel it was a curse?  Well…I was trying to be who I “thought” I should be based upon the outside ideas of who others “thought” I should be.

What did this mean for me?  Well….I was forever trying to fit into a societal mold that just was not me and never will be.  I chose Social Services as my career path and worked 15 years in various positions that wore me down both physically and emotionally.

10388184_10153607187087502_4632772974953659189_nTrying to fit into that life only left me feeling lonely and a bit like a misfit.  I would force myself into social situations because that is what everyone else was doing and expected of me.

This in turn, made it only possible for me to enjoy myself in groups of people if I dulled my senses with alcohol.  Years later, I realize I was only clouding my third eye and sensitivity so I would not have to feel everything so intensely around me.

I was not accepting the gift that being an Empath really is.

My soul eventually would no longer sit on the back burner and cried out for me to accept who I am and start living my truth.  4cbfb9f1331cb9493f575f49110c87a3--card-reading-infj-personalityIt was time to open up to becoming more…more of whom I came here to be….to accept my soul purpose.

Embracing my gift has allowed me to become a better Healer and Counselor.  It is what leads me on my continuous educational path of learning different healing modalities that I in turn use to help others with their own healing journey.