My 30 Day Challenge

June 1, 2017

It’s my birthday month and I decided it was time to help myself become the healthiest version of me that I can be.  I’ve been making healthy changes in my life for a few years now, but over the winter I got a bit lax on my healthy eating and exercise.  I decided this month I would embark on a new wellness challenge for a couple of reasons.

First, I want to be healthy and active this summer.  After discovering that my summer clothes were fitting a bit too snug for my liking, I knew I had to make some changes. Second, I have been hearing about a few essential oil infused supplements that are suppose to help with a weight management goal and as a business builder, I wanted to be able to try them out myself so that I can share my experience first hand with my customers.  So here we go…into a new journey!

Let’s rewind a moment:  One change I implemented a few weeks ago to help bring my body into balance is drinking baking soda and Braggs ACV in water, first thing in the morning.  Let me tell you…this has not been the easiest thing to do.  If you have ever drank ACV, I think you will understand what I am talking about.  So…I will say that I am getting use to it and the “yuck” face when I throw it back has gone away.  I also ended up adding a shot glass full of fruit juice right after I drink this tonic and hold it in my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. This seems to help with the taste.  I do feel like using this combination together is helping create more balance in my body.  I have also heard that drinking it prior to meals can be beneficial for weight loss, but I have not increased it past once a day yet.   We will see….you may hear about that added change as the month progresses.  Ok, back to today and the changes I just started.

Slique EssenceAfter drinking my ACV tonic, I filled my 22 ounce glass water bottle and added 4 drops of Slique Essence Essential Oil Supplement.  After taking a drink, I realized 4 drops might be a bit much for me on taste.  I drank it down about half way and added more water.  This was much better and I actually enjoy the flavor at the more diluted amount.  I think I will be trying 2 drops per 22 ounce bottle for my future fill ups, but hey…it allowed me to get a nice amount of water into my system first thing in the morning.

This is my first time trying this oil blend, so let me tell you a little about it.  It combines grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, and ocotea with stevia extract in a unique blend that supports healthy weight management goals. These ingredients may help control hunger and sugar cravings. It also contains spearmint essential oil, which I find to be a refreshing addition to the blend.  Citrus oils are also known for their uplifting properties, so I figured…hey, this will be a great addition to my day.  Ocotea essential oil has a cinnamon like aroma and may help control hunger.  Per the directions, I should add this blend to my water, or tea, and drink it throughout the day as needed to help curb hunger cravings.  It’s currently 5 PM and I have been sipping on this all day.  I am not sure if this essential oil blend by itself is suppose to give you energy, but I did feel more focused and energized this morning after drinking it.

A little before noon, I started to feel hungry (I don’t always eat breakfast, so this is not unusual for me.)  As I was making my lunch, I pulled out my second new supplement.

Slique Citraslim

Slique CitroSlim is what I purchased a 30 day supply of for this month challenge. Honestly, I am not very good at taking supplements, or pills.  I figure I need to keep myself healthy so I never reach a point where I have to take prescription medicine, or I will be the world’s worst patient!  These seem pretty easy though.  They come in 2 packets: 1 for the morning and 1 for the afternoon (before 3 PM.)  If you forget your morning supplements, you can actually take them all at the same time too, so I like the flexibility this brings. I have never done well with supplements that have special directions, like taking 30 minutes before a meal.

Let me share a little bit about CitroSlim.  One thing I love about it, and all of Young Living products, is that they are natural.  I’ve worked hard to kick chemicals out of my life in order to improve and maintain my health, so I love being able to trust that everything I try with this company is going to do my body good. The ingredients in CitroSlim help promote healthy weight management, when combined with healthy eating and exercise. They include a proprietary citrus extract blend, which some studies suggest may help support the body in burning excess fat.   This polyphenolic mixture of flavonoids offers powerful antioxidants that are touted for their health benefits.  This blend may also support the release of free fatty acids, which help break down fat.  I know I have some stored fat that I would love to shed, so I say….bring it on!!

I do love the variety of healthy goodness that they pack into these capsules.  You get one liquid capsule that contains pomegranate seed oil, Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle, and Idaho Balsam Fir essential oils. This blend is high in citral, which is a constituent that may increase metabolic activity. I know I could use a metabolism boost!  You also get three power-packed powder capsules contain a proprietary citrus extract blend, cinnamon powder, bitter orange extract, fenugreek seed, ocotea leaf extract, and a customized blend of enzymes and four essential oils: Ocotea, Cassia, Spearmint, and Fennel.  Wow! That’s a mouthful of health benefits right there!  I did remember to take all of my capsules before 3 PM today and so far my hunger has been minimal. I ate my lunch and even had a little left over that I threw outside for our 4 chickens to finish for me (I like to call them “The Henleys.”)  By the sounds of their happy chirps and clucks, it seems like they will be more than happy to finish any leftovers I can’t eat during this 30 day challenge.

So…here I am at 5:22 PM, still sipping on my Slique Essence water and having only eaten lunch.  How do I feel?  Well, I will say that I am not currently hungry and haven’t had any cravings.  I also seem to have more energy today that I have had in awhile and have been very focused.  If this is any indication of what the next month will be like for me, I think I am really going to enjoy this challenge.  I do have one more Slique Product, a tea, that I will be adding to the mix, but since I haven’t had it yet today… Well, I guess you will have to follow my blog and check back with me later on my progress!


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