Day 3


I’m finishing up day 3 of my challenge and so far, I like these new supplements. I have been consistent with the CitroSlim and what I notice most so far is the energy they give me. I have definitely had a nice consistent boost of energy the past 3 days and better focus too.  I am getting more done with less of my own brain distractions. That alone is a huge reason for me to continue with this experiment. I have been looking for something that would give me consistent energy naturally.  These capsules seem to be helping my physical and mental energy levels.

Today, I also woke up with a headache and just felt off my game.  I used my morning oils and meditated until the ache eased a bit. Then I decided I was ready for my morning CitroSlim.  The rest of my headache went away shortly after that and I felt my energy start to rise.  I’m not 100% positive, but I think those capsules might have helped me get rid of the rest of that morning headache too.  I’ll be paying closer attention in the future, because that’s a pretty cool side effect.

I am drinking the Slique Essence in my water daily. The past 2 days, I consistently dropped a couple drops in at each water bottle fill up.  Today, I changed it up as I was craving more plain water.  I put two drops in this morning with my first bottle fill up, but didn’t add any additional during the day.  I believe the Slique Essence does help with sugar cravings. I have noticed less hunger and increased will power when I am sipping on it throughout the day.  Tonight, I caved and had a sweet treat.  Is it just a coincidence that my slip in will power came on the same day that I eased up on drinking the Slique Essence in my water?  Time will tell.

Slique TeaThe last Slique product I am incorporating this month is Slique Tea.  I am not drinking this one daily, but I do like the taste. I find that my favorite way to drink it is to add a teaspoon of Ningxia Wolfberries to it while it’s brewing. It adds a nice fruit boost to the flavor.  I have not been as consistent with the tea, mainly because I do not think about drinking it during the day.  On day 1, I chose to drink it around 9 PM and I didn’t think the “naturally occurring caffeine” in it would affect my sleep.  Well…I was wrong.  This is one that I will only drink earlier in the day going forward.

All in all, enjoying this journey so far!



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