Zeus’s Spa Day!

June 2, 2017

Oh…haircut day! Let me tell you, Zeus’s hair cuts have not always went smoothly.  We have spent HOURS calming him and getting him to sit still in order to complete one beauty session.  He has been on the to do list for a few days now and with the warmer weather, he let us know he was ready for a change with his panting and itching…poor boy.  Time to move him to the priority #1 spot!  

3days1I decided this “spa” experience was going to be different….easier, on all of us!   Prior to giving him his bath I set up a diffuser in the bathroom for him.  I was inspired to use 3 drops of lavender and 3 drops of orange for his spa experience today.  He also uses Animal Scents shampoo, which guarantees a chemical free, essential oil infused healthy goodness that I feel good about using on him.  After all, he’s my baby and I want him healthy and happy for many years to come.  This shampoo is so concentrated that I do not have to use much to end up with an amazingly soft, clean, sweet smelling, happy pup.

Zeus, sweet but always a little defiant….does not like to make it easy on me and bypassed the bathroom all together to head to the office and wedge himself as far back under my desk that he could get.

Lucky for me, I have been using Agilease for my knees the past couple of weeks and it was easy peasy getting down there with him to dig him out.

I foiled his plan!  Muhahaha!!!

We enter the bathroom and I just have to mentally pat myself on the back….lavender and orange is an amazing smelling combo and I felt mellow, relaxed, and happy within a few minutes.  The good news is, so did Zeus!  He made bathtime the easiest ever! He stood still, followed directions, and I was so proud of him!  Essential oils at bathtime was a super win for us!  We both left the bathroom feeling good.

0_0_0_0_161_216_csupload_67980374Enter phase 2 of Zeus Spa Day…the haircut.  With clippers, scissors, and combs armed and ready, I set up diffuser #2 for this spa day experience.  The Aria on the counter we chose to give him his haircut was the perfect choice.  It allowed me to point the vapors right at our work station and helped us all feel good for the next couple of hours of furry fun.  I chose 5 drops of lemongrass and 7 drops of tangerine for his haircut.  WOW!  What a great combo for him.  We instantly noticed that his Young Living shampoo was completely different than his old shampoos.  His hair was more manageable and so much easier to cut….almost as if, the scissors glided right through it.  This is a shampoo that would be every dog groomers friend!  Not only did he behave better than he ever has for his cut and nail trim, but our other 4 pups were super chill in the living room too.  Happy and calm fur family for the win!


Now Zeus says he’s cool, calm and ready for the summer heat!




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