June 8, 2017

Good morning!!  Yesterday completed my first week using my new weight management products, so I thought this would be a good time to do a check in and let you know what I am observing so far.  Let me start by telling you that I am experiencing things that I never saw in the many, many years of trying different weight loss supplements and products.  I am amazed!!

Healthy energy!!! WOW!  I would say that in the last week, my energy levels have doubled! I have the energy I had in my 20’s!!  Even my fiance noticed and told me yesterday that she has never seen me have so much energy and focus (and we’ve been together for almost 9 years.)  I am completing tasks that I’ve wanted to do for months!  So yes…..increased energy and focus are the biggest things I have noticed in my first week using these supplements.  So much so that I already know I will be carrying this challenge into next month too.  I truly feel like I have finally found something that really works for me.

How have I been using them this week?  Well…I have been using the Slique CitroSlim capsules daily, per the boxes instructions.  I’m a little surprised that I have remembered to take them all, since I do have that resistance to taking daily pills background I talked about earlier in this blog thread.  There is just something about this product specifically that makes me want to make sure I take it daily.  I also believe that the oils and herbs in this product is helping my body in more ways than just energy and focus.  I have had less overall aches and pains, even with double the activity too.  This just might become a regular in my wellness arsenal, even after I have reached my weight loss goals.  I truly love how it makes me feel.  Who doesn’t need more energy and focus at different times in their lives?  In the future, I could see this as something I keep on hand for days I am feeling…..energetically challenged.

The second thing I am doing regularly, is using the Slique Essence essential oil blend. I keep this bottle next to my pitcher of filtered water and when I fill up my 22 ounce glass water bottle during the day, I add 2 drops of the oil blend.  This product, or a combination of it with the CitroSlim is helping my food cravings.  I have found it easier to monitor what I am putting in my mouth.  I have enjoyed some pizza and donuts the past week though, because honestly….I do not believe in dieting. Diets do not work, unless you make them part of a lifestyle change.  Using these products have made it easier for me to limit how much of these “treats” I eat.  Plus, I find that I am craving more raw fruits and vegetables.  I am loving it!

SliqueThese are the two daily primary changes I have been making in my life.  I do have the Slique Tea that I am drinking sporadically as well.  I have not been drinking it daily, as I originally intended, but it’s all good.  I will drink it as I am inspired and I even gave a cup to a friend the other day, who was curious about it.  I In fact, I am enjoying a cup right now.  I really enjoy the taste and I like to add a teaspoon of Ningxia Wolfberries to each cup for an added fruit boost.

I think that sums up what I wanted to share with you today.  My 2+ year journey with Young Living is only getting better.  I love the direction my life is going and I love helping others be as healthy as they can be as well.  Want to know more?  Here’s the link that will give you some more information:  https://divinelyinspired11.wordpress.com/young-living-oils/


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