Happy 4th of July!!

Today is all about freedom in the Unites States.  Traditionally, it is when the Declaration of Independence was signed.  In 1776,  we as a nation, became free.  Beyond that…it can mean different things for different people.  What does it mean to you? What does it mean to me?

I appreciate and give thanks for the freedom living in the USA provides.  Although, over the past few years freedom has taken on an additional meaning for me as well.  I left traditional employment, and in a sense…the traditional world, to become self-employed and be home to take care of my family. This was not easy, similar to stepping off of a ledge into a dark abyss with no idea where my feet would land.  Some days I am still not sure, but my faith is stronger than fear.

During this process, I also became free of the materialism that is also widely associated with being an American.   I decluttered and downsized and quit buying the latest electronics, clothing, and other material items.  I drastically decreased my desire to go out to events, or out to restaurants.  Things I previously enjoyed, I had no desire to participate in.  My pull to nature became stronger and that is something I can spend hours frolicking in.  I began taking an inner journey and I changed.

Being an American allowed me the freedom to explore my spirituality in order to find what resonated with my soul.  During this process, an amazing thing happened.  I found peace and contentment.  I found love on a whole new level….universal love.  I found joy and childlike play.  The majority of the time, I can honestly say I am truly happy,  possibly for the first time in my entire life.  It hasn’t come from obtaining material items,  or increasing my income….like I always thought it would.  It came from connecting with my soul, my Creator, my guides, the animals, and the Earth.  I have discovered a new level of freedom, a new lifestyle that resonates with who I am and who I am becoming.

Change does not come without some casualties however, and I have had friends leave the picture as our interests and energetic vibration no longer matched.  Luckily, I also developed the ability to step back, be the observer and not take this personally.  If we remember that like attracts like, it makes sense that as we change and grow, our social circle will as well.  Do you remember the Robert Frost poem?  The one with the fork in the road and you must choose which to follow?  Well…I have chosen the road less traveled.  This choice came with some losses I didn’t realize would occur.  There is nothing wrong with this natural transition.  I have learned to be able to bless those that choose to exit, thank them for the lessons they brought while they were active in my life, and silently wish them well on their own journey.  These natural relationship fade outs have made space for, and ushered in new friendships.  More signs of freedom, as in the freedom to discover and grow with my soul tribe.

Freedom…..7 little letters with a vast definition, or definitions. Each one of us must discover what true freedom means to us.



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