30 Day Update

I have to confess…I procrastinated on posting my update on my progress with the new health supplements I am using for weight management.  I did weigh myself at the beginning of the month though, so I will be posting those results.  I will admit, I was not sure what to expect because I did not consciously focus on increasing my exercise, or changing my food choices.  Partly due to June being my birthday month and allowing myself to do some indulging I do not usually do, but partly because I have seen so many supplements and weight loss products on the market that people talk about losing so much weight. Then when you read about it, you also find out that they completely amped up their exercise routine and went on a “diet.”  No shocker there….of course you are going to lose weight when you fully change your lifestyle, with or without supplements to help.  I wanted to see what would happen when I added some Slique products to my current lifestyle and go from there.  

To be honest, I do live a pretty healthy lifestyle already, but during my first 30 days using these supplements, I noticed it improving naturally.  The amount of food I consumed decreased, without even focusing on it.  I also found that I was making better food choices and had less cravings.  I feel as if my willpower has improved, so I am automatically making better choices.  Did I deprive myself at all?  Nope, I even had pizza and dessert when I wanted it.  The key point being…when I wanted it, which was maybe only once last month.

My energy increased and my body just felt like it was working better for me.  Since I am nurturing my body with essential oil infused supplements, this does not surprise me.  It feels good to give my cells the nutrition they crave.  What was my final result for June?  I ended up losing 4.6 pounds.  Not bad for not dieting and eating what I wanted when I wanted.  However, for me…the true value is how I feel using these supplements.  I am in the middle of month 2 and getting ready to order another round for month 3.  I am enjoying adding this extra healthy goodness into my daily life.

If you want to check out more about what I am using, just search “Slique” on my website.  My favorites so far are Slique CitroSlim and Slique Essence, but there is an entire line of products to suit your individual wants and needs.  https://www.myyl.com/gypsyrose11

Here’s to another month of nurturing my body to the fullest!


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