Frankie is free in November!

Every month Young Living gives us freebies!!! Isn’t that fantastic?  I love getting free things just for shopping smarter and healthier.

November is HUGE!  YL is giving away a FREE large bottle of FRANKINCENSE…a $96.71 retail bottle of oil!!! *jaw meet floor*

When you order 300 PV, you will receive the following…for FREE:
Frankincense 15ml
Pine 15ml
Gorgeous Young Living Diffusing Ornament
Tea Tree 15ml
Eucalyptus Radiata 15ml (ER exclusive)
Christmas Spirit 5ml (ER exclusive)
At 250 PV, you will receive Pine, Young Living Diffusing Ornament. When on your ER order, you’ll also get the Tea Tree and Christmas Spirit.
At 190 PV, you will receive Eucalyptus Radiata. When on your ER order, Tea Tree and Christmas Spirit will come too!
At 100 PV on your ER order, you’ll get Christmas Spirit.

I use and love all of these oils and that holiday decoration looks amazing!  But seriously….a FREE 15ml BOTTLE OF FRANKINCENSE???  If you are already using oils…fantastic!  You already know how amazing this bottle of essential oil is….for so so many reasons!  Hands down, one of the oils that I monitor closely to make sure we never run out.

If you aren’t using YL oils yet, let’s change that.  Part of the fun is discovering what your body is asking for.  Let’s chat!

Oily Blessings!





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