Focus on Love

Sending prayers and healing energy this afternoon. I just learned the reason I felt the way I did this morning. I knew the heavy, dense heart energy wasn’t mine…but could not pin point the cause. I was also guided to do something different during meditation earlier. I sent Reiki to the world, envisioning a heart of white light surrounding the earth. 🌞🌎🌞 I did not know the chaos of the shooting was going on….until hours later.

I know it doesn’t make sense. I know you are outraged, saddened, and frightened. Please….Don’t allow your heart to close. Don’t let fear take over and rob you of your joy. There is love & good all around. Every day we see acts of kindness. ❤️💜💙

Do allow this to open your heart. Pray, send love, send healing energy, do whatever positive thing comes to mind to help those who have experienced this today. Join me in lifting them up in love. Together we are strong. 💕


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