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Awaken Your Spirit with Essential Oils  

Spring is on its way, creating a sense of newness and renewal.  Nature begins its own transformation of sloughing off the winter slumber.  What once was stifled in hibernation now begins to awaken from its siesta to create new life and thrive.  54462710_863473994002516_1406492521177022464_nBlooms begin to pop on the trees and flowers, a blanket of fresh grass beings to grow, and natures critters create new life.

These changes in nature can spark a sense of awakening within our own soul and ignite a desire for change.  Essential oils are gifts from nature that can help us achieve balance in all areas of our lives.

On a physical level, seasonal changes can create some issues that knock our systems out of whack.  Luckily, essential oils can be useful in bringing comfort during change of seasons.  During the spring and summer months, LLP (lemon, lavender, peppermint) become one of my favorite blends to help me maintain my physical balance.

54200947_405784340254631_8042319587380822016_nHowever, the benefits we receive from using *pure essential oils in our lives stretch far beyond just the physical level.  Essential oils vibrate at a frequency that interact with us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  In fact, essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance.

A healthy body typically has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz (disease begins at 57 Mhz.)  Using pure essential oils and oil blends with higher frequencies allow us to help ourselves on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  This is beneficial for us regardless of what area of our lives we are working on transforming.

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils to awaken my spirit is during daily meditation.  Diffusing is one of the simplest methods to use oils.  One of my diffusers has a candle light flicker mode, which invokes peaceful relaxation. This is perfect to assist in lulling me into a healing meditative state.  If I am indoors, I choose an oil (or combo of oils) that target my specific needs and goals, set up the diffuser next to me, sit back and allow that oily goodness to engulf my entire being.

You can also take your meditation practice outside into nature.  A grassy patch under a tree, resting near a waterfall, along a flowing river, or the beach are a few of my favorite places to find that stillness within.  53837182_824823831203107_8753576174577254400_nWhen we allow ourselves to commune with nature, we naturally become more aware and able to create a harmonious flow within our body.

  • Create a sacred quiet space that will allow you to slow down, tune in and connect. You can choose to add relaxing, soothing music, or just let nature be your muse.
  • Grab your oils of choice and get ready to tune in. I like to start by opening the bottle and take 3 long deep inhales with eyes closed, allowing the scent to wash over my inner being.  I then like to apply the oil topically to the top of my head, third eye, or over my heart.  You can choose the location you feel guided toward, avoiding eyes and ears.
  • Shoes off and feet in the grass is my favorite way to allow the energy to flow up through my body.
  • Clear your mind with deep cleansing breaths.
  • With every breath imagine swirling, cleansing energy flowing up and down your spine, bringing you balance and peace.
  • Imagine this swirling, cleansing energy as a light that just gets brighter as you cleanse away energetic debris.
  • Add in a daily affirmation of your choice, or you can use one of these. “I am open to receiving guidance and direction.  I am connected to my true path and purpose.  I am a light in this world.”
  • Allow all worries and cares to slip away during this time. Stay in this space for as long as you like.

Take your time and enjoy experimenting with different oils to discover what your body and spirit needs. I love all the oils in my oily stash, but here are a few of my favorite high frequency oils to work with.  I find that they help me maintain balance, clarity, and positivity in my life.

  • Frankincense: People have used frankincense in religious ceremonies for thousands of years.  In the Middle East it is considered the “holy anointing oil.”  Perfect to use for mediation, frankincense increases spiritual awareness.  It is also one of the first oils I turn to when I need and attitude adjustment, or mood boost.  During ancient times, frankincense possessed more value than gold.  If frankincense graced your home back then, you were part of the wealthy elite.  It is an oil that has amazing health benefits and was actually mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records.
  • Awaken: A new favorite spiritual oil blend for me, Awaken is actually a combination of five other blends created to enhance inner self-awareness.  It was designed specifically to help us become aware of our limitless potential.  It stimulates right brain creativity and helps us discover and pursue our deepest desires.  I like to diffuse this one during meditation.  It is also a perfect choice when I need a little bit of inspiration.  I just grab the bottle, open the lid, and take a few deep direct inhalations.  Ahhhh……
  • Clarity: I began using Clarity when I was searching for something that would clear my mind and help me focus.  I frequently work late into the night, so the alertness is an added bonus.  I have also discovered the benefits of incorporating it into my spiritual practice. Before meditation, journaling, or spiritual reading; I apply it topically to the back of my neck, pausing to inhale a few deep breaths over the bottle.
  • Lavender: I have used lavender for years for just about anything.  It truly is the jack of all trades oil.  When in doubt, I whip my lavender out!  With spring right around the corner, treat yourself to a mini spa day with a few drops of lavender mixed into epsom salts in your bath or foot soak. Soaking in water is an excellent way to cleanse our bodies of energy we’ve picked up from others during the day.  A lavender soak is also a good precursor for a peaceful meditation, or restful night sleep.
  • Sacred Mountain: This blend spoke to me long before I added it to my personal oily toolbox.  Growing up surrounded by acres of woods, trees have always provided me a soothing presence.  The aroma in this blend helps me feel grounded and protected. I love it in the diffuser as it provides a “sacred space” feeling, but I find it especially helpful when I need some emotional strength.
  • Harmony: When we are doing that transformational inner work, it can be challenging to maintain a harmonious balance.  We often need to feel our way through some emotional waves.  Harmony helps bring my own personal energy centers back into balance, while promoting harmony in my relationships and home.  I like to wear this one topically as a perfume or add a couple of drops to a diffuser necklace.  Its stress reducing and uplifting scent helps promote a positive mental attitude.
  • Peppermint: One of my all time favorite single oils is peppermint. I’ve used it for years to help keep my lungs and muscles happy. Most recently, I discovered peppermint essential oil provides spiritual protection.  It is no wonder this has become one of my favorite oils to use.  Peppermint is an invigorating oil that helps stimulate the conscious mind and helps assist us in clearing negative energy.  I’ve also discovered a drop of Peppermint Vitality in my drinking water is refreshing and helps my clarity.


Enhancing your life with essential oils does not have to be complicated. It is as easy as opening a bottle and inhaling that sensational oily goodness.  The important part is beginning to incorporate them into your daily life so they can work on you on a cellular level.

I use oils every day, throughout the day.  It is hard to imagine I once had no idea how beneficial these little bottles could be in creating harmony, balance, and enlightenment in my own life.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my journey with you. I am passionate about helping people live their healthiest and happiest lives.


Oily Blessings,




* Quality is extremely important when choosing which essential oils to incorporate into your life.  When I talk about using essential oils, I am referring to the ones that I have grown to trust for their purity and therapeutic quality.

I tried many, many brands before discovering the one that now fills my oily cupboard.  I look forward to being your guide on this new oily adventure.  My Oils of Choice