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Happy 4th of July!!

Today is all about freedom in the Unites States.  Traditionally, it is when the Declaration of Independence was signed.  In 1776,  we as a nation, became free.  Beyond that…it can mean different things for different people.  What does it mean to you? What does it mean to me? Continue reading Happy 4th of July!!


Peace Through Love

I woke up feeling fear and chaos in  the world strongly today.  Energetically, it feels like a tornado spiraling out of control, randomly touching down and destroying everything in its path.  The cause is F-E-A-R.  Fear breeds fear, anger breeds anger, hate breeds hate.  The truth is….violence will only bring more violence, as like attracts like.  We cannot hope to achieve peace by violent measures….ever.  It is impossible and that thought process has been failing for as long as people and nations have been divided. Aren’t we ready for a more evolved thought process?

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Faith vs. Fear


Dreams are fascinating ways to allow your mind to process what might be lying dormant beneath the surface, yet still influencing our lives and forward movement.  I dream a lot, but rarely do I remember them.  When I woke up remembering distinct details and having more come through after waking, I knew this dream was different.  As I went about my morning routine working on some household chores, bits of my dream kept popping back into my mind.  As a previous failure in trying to practice the dedicated art of writing down my dreams every morning, I decided I would suck it up and give it another try.  After all, I am no longer attaching myself to the past and stories I previously told myself.  They only resulted in hindering my self mastery progress of the now.

Spirit works in mysterious ways.  While writing down tidbits I remembered about my dream, inspiration flowed and I was able to interpret it for myself at the end.  I found it insightful and want to share a summary of it with you now.  
My dream took place on a college campus.  I was lost and could not find my car.  As I wandered into different parties and social settings, it was if I could just walk through the chaos and activity.  I also encountered people that were not very nice to me, reminiscent of the movie “Mean Girls.”  In my dream, I was able to walk by them and easily move on, without allowing them to affect me.  Nothing was familiar to me in this dream and I felt tired, stressed, and anxious.  In dreams, it is more important to pay attention to your feelings than it is the actual content of the dream, so I always make special note of emotions that arise.  I ended up in an area of town that I would not normally go into and I felt nervous, but kept walking.  I found a car to borrow, but it was difficult to drive because it had a joystick instead of a steering wheel.  The car reminded me of a super hero car and even had some pretty amazing power blasts. Normally, I would think this would be an amazing feature that fed the adventurous side of my personality.  Unfortunately, in my dream, this was not to my advantage and I almost crashed headfirst into a brick building.  I felt it coming and closed my eyes, but at the last minute the car spun in a circle and came to an abrupt stop.  I got out and walked away unharmed and continued on foot.  The last part of my dream that really stood out to me was that I kept trying to call my fiancé for help, but every call went to voicemail.  So, what does this all mean to me?
lesson 49jepThe first thing that came to me when figuring out the meaning was the fact that in my dream, I should have asked God for help several times.  I was relying on myself, or outside people to come to my rescue when my strength should have been coming from my Guide.   As a student of “A Course In Miracles,” the insights that came to me also link directly to my lessons.  Lesson 49, “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day,” is one of the lessons that came to mind with this thought.  God, Spirit, Universe, whatever name you would like to give the Divine presence (because they are all one) speaks to us all the time.  We just do not always listen.  All of us…no one is excluded or special in receiving this guidance. We are all a piece of the same Oneness and have the ability to tap into divine guidance whenever we choose to listen.  How do you know if you are hearing God’s voice?  God’s voice is always calm, always peaceful, and wholly certain.  Practice Lesson 49 by going into the stillness and quieting the mind with the incessant mind chatter that we all experience at times, will invite God’s voice to speak to you.  Are you ready to listen?  My dream showed me that I am still trying to fix things on my own when it is unnecessary.  I will never achieve the joyful light radiating balance I crave by following my own path.  This is also why I was unable to reach my fiancé in my dream for help.  I should have turned to God first and foremost.  I am being guided every step of the way and will be guided to the perfect solution, if I just allow it to flow through me and ASK! 
80f1e50f09661cc0a45c3eb2754f9f32My nervousness with finding myself in a rough area of town indicated that I need to let go and fully trust.  In my dream, I still knew I was going to be alright, even though I was scared.   I am almost there, but I have to let go of that last rope and freefall because I will be caught and safely reach the ground.  In my dream, there were no catastrophes that occurred and I was not harmed by any outside force.  I was only hurting myself by allowing my own frustration and fear to destroy my peace.  Additionally, not crashing into the wall when it was inevitable was symbolic of being protected.  My take away lessons from ACIM for this portion of my dream are both Lesson 47, “God is the strength in which I trust” and Lesson 48, “There is nothing to fear.”  If I trust in my own strength, I will always find anxiety and fear.  I, alone, cannot predict or control any outcome and am destined to keep repeating the same patterns that haven‘t worked for me my entire life!  God is my safety in every circumstance.  There are no exceptions.  Peace is my divine right, because I am giving my trust over to the strength of God. There is nothing to fear when I return to the Oneness, the power that is much greater than anything I could ever conjure.  
My dream summary…. Let go and ask for guidance more…what would God have me do?  God is with me all of the time and he will not let me fall.  He is my constant companion and I am never alone.  I must have faith and trust.  All is truly working out for my greatest good when I walk in partnership with the Divine.  

A Day As An Empath

I woke this morning feeling sluggish and slowed down, even though I slept soundly and woke naturally.  Whenever I am not feeling quite myself, I take a few minutes to go within.  I turn to that stillness inside my being and ask myself, “Is this mine?”  Today, the answer was a definite “no.”  My fiancé has some health challenges that will encourage her to spend full days in bed and she is still learning to accept this as her current reality.  Within the first hour of waking up today, the reason for my tiredness became evident.  She is having one of her down days and is remaining in bed with a physical flare up.  “Feeling” her allowed me to reach for our essential oils and choose the ones to help her bring the pain down to where she was at least able to rest comfortably.  I am grateful for this gift because when she is struggling, she is unable to even verbalize what it is that she needs to help her get some relief.

Luckily, today I haven’t absorbed the pain portion of what she goes through…just the fatigue.  Usually, I get the joy of experiencing her pain when she is trying to do something that well…she probably shouldn’t be trying to do.  Out of the blue, I will mention that an area of my body has just started hurting a lot.  She will sheepishly look at me and say, “I’m sorry.”  We both consider it a sign from the Universe that she needs to stop and rest when I feel a painful change in my body that I have determined is not my own.  We have learned from experience that if she does not heed my warning at that point, we both end up in a lot more pain and that is no fun for anyone.  That even sends our little healer pups into working overtime since they think they have to take care of both of us when that happens! Good thing we have 5 dogs to share the love!



I now feel very fortunate that I am given those warning signs to help her slow down and not exhaust all of her reserves.  In my eyes, this is one of the blessings of being an Empath.  It allows me to help others in deeper and more meaningful ways. By actually feeling what others do, both physically and emotionally, it allows me to be more in tune with those around me.  It also helps me avoid places and situations that are not healthy for me, because I feel that energy. This of course means that protecting me on a daily basis is a must!  One of the ways I do this is by working closely with Archangel Michael to strengthen my energy field and help me clear away that which is not mine and lower vibrating energies.  I also surround myself with protective crystals as part of my daily life.  I never leave the house without my hematite bracelet and I have hematite and black tourmaline spread throughout my home (along with other crystals.)

It took me many years to begin differentiating between my own feelings and those that I absorb from others.  This was a huge lesson for me as I was coming into my own comfort zone with the idea of embracing the idea that I was an Empath.  One of the traits of an Empath is that we feel things deeply and unconsciously take on the emotions or pain of others.  I am only just recently learning to accept this as a blessing, when for so long I felt it was a curse.

Why did I feel it was a curse?  Well…I was trying to be who I “thought” I should be based upon the outside ideas of who others “thought” I should be.  What did this mean for me?  Well….I was forever trying to fit into a societal mold that just was not me and never will be.  I chose Social Services as my career path and worked 15 years in various positions that wore me down both physically and emotionally.  Trying to fit into that life only left me feeling lonely and a bit like a misfit.  I would force myself into social situations because that is what everyone else was doing and expected of me.  This in turn, made it only possibly for me to enjoy myself in groups of people if I dulled my senses with alcohol.  Years later, I realize I was only clouding my third eye and sensitivity so I would not have to feel everything so intensely around me.  I was not accepting the gift that being an Empath really is.

My soul eventually would no longer sit on the back burner and cried out for me to accept who I am and start living from my soul.  It was time to open up to becoming more…more of whom I came here to be….to accept my soul purpose.

Embracing my gift has allowed me to become a better Healer and Counselor.  It is what leads me on my continuous educational path of learning different healing modalities that I in turn use to help others with their own healing journey.



Welcome To My World

I woke up this morning with an inner knowing that today was the day I would take the plunge into a new avenue of my writing.  Spirit has been prompting and I ignored it for awhile.  Then I reached the point where I could acknowledge the direction I was being guided toward, but put it off on the back burner.  Well…with the new moon and solar eclipse today, it feels like the right time to begin my writings about being an Empath.  This journey is a little challenging for me, as I am also an introvert, and reaching out to others does not come naturally to me. Continue reading Welcome To My World

Life Lessons from Baby Blue

The sun lit up the sky as I opened the sliding glass door, feeling the warm breeze flowing gently around me. Sitting on the deck, I propped my legs up on a stool, closed my eyes and allowed the warmth to penetrate my skin.  After a few moments, I opened my eyes to gaze at the lush green trees that surrounded me by the lake. The hedge off the porch had recently been trimmed by the landscapers, offering a more expansive view of nature’s beauty around me.

29SJ0ey3NaJK9nr6As I glanced to my right, I noticed a bird nest at eye level that was now exposed following the landscaping. Inside was a defenseless baby blue jay and she was looking at me with wide open eyes. I could feel her fear as she watched and waited for my next move. She tried to move around with little progress as she was still young and had not gained much mobility.

Not wanting to frighten her more, I gently turned to face her. I extended my hands and offered her Reiki and awaited her response. Moments later I could feel the energy flow between my hands and my new feathered friend.  She continued to watch me as her body noticeably relaxed.  A few minutes later she stretched her head out and closed her eyes, settling into sleep.3days1

I was filled with appreciation for this moment and the deep connection with nature, via the up close and personal encounter with Baby Blue (the name I had affectionately decided to call my new friend.) Moments later, a hummingbird came to the feeder that was just above my head. I sat very still in order to capture some pictures as this bird appeared to be posing for me. It appeared to have no worry or concern that I was in its personal space. I saw a movement to my left and at the end of the porch, and a bunny appeared. He hopped into close view, pausing, watching me while eating a few bites of clover. Then he continued on his way.

After I snapped a few photos, I closed my eyes again to feel the sunshine on my face and allowed my mind to quiet. I heard a hummingbird fly very close to my ear. When I opened my eyes, the bird I had been photographing was hovering inches in front of my face at eye level, looking at me.  This was the first time I had viewed one up close. She appeared to just hover, allowing me to view the full spectrum of magnificent colors that adorned her feathers. She then proceeded to do a dance around me, pausing every couple of feet. I was surprised how long she chose to interact with me before flying off to find her next adventure.

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I sat watching Baby Blue sleep, feeling a sense of wonder about the amazing animals I was blessed enough to share my space with.

June 2, 2014: Update on Baby Blue

I arrive to check on Baby Blue and was surprised to see how much she had changed. Her feathers had darkened and she displayed some brilliant blue hues. She was alert and did not hold the same fearful look in her eyes that I remembered.  It appeared she was now more curious instead. I sat down and talked to her, offering her some Reiki, which she gladly accepted. She then dozed off to sleep.

When I checked on her a few hours later, I noticed she appeared to have grown out of her nest as it was tipped over on its side. She had built and addition to the nest on the backside and she was standing up on the side of it.  I knew our time together would be brief and she would soon be ready to leave her makeshift nest. Baby Blue ended up flying away sometime later that day to begin her next adventure.  I have to admit, I do look for her when I gaze out the large windows overlooking the small field next to the lake.

The animals I encounter always teach me valuable lessons.  Baby Blue taught me how to find meaning and joy while participating in activities that might seem mundane or uninspiring. The day I discovered her, it reaffirmed how easy it is to make a difference in someone’s life, no matter where we are.  It also taught me to look for everyday miracles and gifts from Source, as they are all around us. I am happy I was able to be of service and help Baby Blue calm her fears on that landscaping day. I also believe the compassion and kindness I showed to her is what allowed the memorable hummingbird experience to occur in my life moments later. Was it a direct chain reaction that occurred from extending my heart energy outward?  My reward for attempting to help a scared baby bird? An example of how our actions affect those around us? I will let you decide.

Jonathan, is that you?

29SJ0ey3NaJK9nr6As I sit in the hotel lounge chair gazing at the mesmerizing flames in the fireplace flickering blue, red, orange and purple; it becomes real to me just how important this soul journey of mine really is.  I am currently struggling….no, let’s change that, being provided the opportunity to feel some contrast in regards to something occurring in my life right now. I have been desperately seeking answers to many questions. I try to shake it, but there is this impatient part of me that so anxiously awaits those answers.

Last weekend I was guided to this very moment when my wonderful fiancé informed me she felt I really needed to take a day away by myself and go to the ocean. She makes me take care of myself when I am not always prone to doing it and she is one of my human guardian angels. As hard as it was to leave my family for the night, I knew this was something my soul so desperately needed.

I choose an ocean view room with a fireplace and await the flow of inspiration. Windows wide open… I am able to feel, hear, and see that magnificent gift that is our immense pacific ocean.  I feel the tension and pressure start to fade away.  A little restless at first, I quickly make myself at home and view the glowing sunset from my couch.

Here I am, relaxing in my room and gazing out the window at the vast and expansive ocean that lies in front of me.  I feel the peacefulness of spirit surround my soul’s adventure tonight.

As I meditate and ask for clear guidance and signs from God, Spirit, my Angels, and my Guides; I hear the comforting sounds of a flock of seagulls approach my open window.  I look outside and they are circling around me and then stop to rest a few short feet from where I am, on the roof below.  I know they are here for a reason.  I feel inspired to fetch my camera. With camera in hand, I begin taking pictures and several additional seagulls decide to land and begin talking. I wonder if they are talking amongst themselves, or is it for me?  I wish I knew what they were saying.  I turn away from the window, they continue to converse and one seagull flies very close to the open window. I actually wonder if he is going to fly in and briefly ponder whether I should close the window.  I decide I am enjoying the fresh ocean air too much so if one flies in, I will just hope he is friendly.

The seagull calls out as he flies by again.  I decide I must look up the Seagull meaning because my soul knows that they are sent to me in this moment, for a purpose. This is the message I receive from the Animal Spirit Totems Dictionary: Seagulls are spiritual messengers that demonstrate that a higher communication with guides is taking place.  He shows how to see above situations with a higher clarity and teaches that there are many perspectives to consider.  Seagull shows a sense of friendship and community and the cooperation that is needed for the whole to operate successfully.  He teaches how to ride the currents of the mental, emotional, and physical worlds.  Are you going with the flow or fighting it? Are you cooperating with others?  Are you open to your guides?  Seagull can teach you many lessons of looking, living and being.  It is time to listen and watch for the nuances and timing of action. “

Interestingly enough, as I am reading the meaning and writing this entry all becomes peaceful again and the flock of seagulls leaves as quickly as they arrived. It appears they were only here long enough for me to recognize the message they were delivering.  I return to the window and notice that not all have left. One lone seagull remains on the roof and is looking at me. As I talk to him, he moves a few feet closer. He stays by the window for quite a while keeping me company and then eventually flies off to rejoin his friends. My heart lightens and I say thank you to Spirit. Your message is received.